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A channel is a virtual conference room where users can communicate with each other. In theory, an infinite number of channels can be created on a TeamSpeak server and each of those channels can have different characteristics such as moderation and sound quality..
To create your own channel, simply right-click the server name and hit the Create Channel menu item. If you want to edit your channel, simply right-click the channel name and hit Edit Channel.
Yes and No! Regular people can have semi-permanent channels, these channels will remain as long as the server itself is not rebooted. You can get Regular member status by loging in the the website at the Groups Assignment page.
Please read our Rules of Conduct! We do have some playground rules that we apply: Rules and Conduct
Join our Discord Server for when Teamspeak is down. https://discord.gg/HRmxXCp
Yes, go to the Group Assigner page, login and select up to 5 game groups.
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