The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online action-RPG set in an immersive & realistic urban open world.
Everything starts on Black Friday, when a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and society starts to collapse into chaos. You are humanity’s last hope: a member of The Division, a unit of sleeper agents activated to save what remains.

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Join Sensei, Oga, Risskant and more of the LBi Gamers crew in the Division. Since patch 1.8 the game has made it's comeback and the servers are packed once again.

Global Event Assault

by Reddit on July 30, 2018.

The Modifier of Assault revolve around more/less damage from NPCs over long / short distances.

The positive Global Modifier gives you a strong damage buff when you are close to the NPCs and when you activate Crucial Assault or Major Assault they will do a lot more damage when they shoot from far away.


Assault (Global Modifier)
Always active; All Agent damage is increased at close range.

Crucial Assault (Only active in the Assault Playlist)
Assault behavior, plus all enemy damage is increased at longer range

Major Assault (Only active in the Assault Playlist and only for groups)
Crucial Assault behavior, plus Agent damage increases when close to team members, enemy damage increases when apart from team members.

Tips and Tricks

The Global Modifier makes the missions easier - go close and burn the NPCs down, that works also very well on Legendary difficulty - but be careful, that the NPCs don´t down you with their melee attacks.

The Global Modifier will be active everywhere in The Division (also Survival and in Last Stand) but ONLY against NPCs. This modifier has NO impact in PVP.

Crucial Assault and Major Assault will challenge the way you play the missions and you will have to adapt the routine that you have in the missions. The usual - "i fight from the distance" does not really work, because the NPCs will hit you like a truck and unless you have a decent amount of toughness and armor - they will insta-down you most of the time. So go close, use the proximity damage buff and kill them that way.

Major Assault is a group modifier that gives you a buff when you are close together (you will see a white line between the agents) that helps you against the NPCs and is NOT harder than Crucial Assault. Just keep that in mind and check what Modifier is active.


You can select the Crucial - and Major Assault Modifier in these missions:

  • Queens Tunnel Camp
  • Russian Consulate
  • General Assembly
  • Grand Central Station
  • Falcon´s Lost

Commendations / Rewards

Every Global Event has its own Commendations that are tied to patches and masks that you can earn by completing these achievements.


Global Event: Assault - Masks

Sensei's Striker Build PVP

by Sensei on July 28, 2018.

Want to get somewhat of the same gear as Sensei? Check out his build on

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