Continue the epic scale of war with LBi Gamers

The battlefield of Call of Duty is waiting for you once more. Join LBi Gamers in the fight to preserve Euro from its evil.


by Sensei on December 2, 2017.

Did you know that LBi Gamers was one of the first European Call of Duty 4 communities who served a good time for its players during the period of 2005 till 2010!

Now they are well known for their respected players within the European biggest Call of Duty 4 industries and are evolving into the next level of social gamers community! Expanding their interests in games, platforms and want to be more then that!

What once started as a relaxing project within the DigitasLBi Netherlands company (Formally known as LOSTBOYS), where a group of Systems Engineers, Application Engineers and Software Engineers got together and play around on the work floors and with other companies expanded to a public gathering for gamers worldwide!